#Beatlist : REVOLUTION

Hippy, punk, métal et même reggae et funk, musique et révolution (politique, artistique…) sont bien souvent liées. Petite sélection, non exhaustive, des titres qui ont fait histoire…

Illustration de couverture : Sex Pistols, live in London

Rock it ! 

. My Generation, The Who (1965, album: My Generation) 

. Search and Destroy, Iggy Pop & The Stooges (1973, album: Raw Power) 

. Anarchy in the UK, Sex Pistols (1976, album: Anarchy in the UK/ I wanna be me)

. Antisocial, Trust (1980, album: Repression) 

. Take the power back, Rage against the machine (1991, album : Rage against the machine) 

. New World Order, Megadeth (1994, album : ThIrt3en) 

. Rise up, Testament (2012, album : Dark Roots of Earth)

Funk for your rights 

. Higher Ground, Stevie Wonder (1973, album: Innervisions) 

. Get up, Stand up, Bob Marley & The Wailers (1973, album : Live !) 

. Fight The Power, Public Enemy (1988, album: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us back) 

. Where is the love, Black Eyed Peas (2003, album : Elephunk) 

. I don’t wanna wait, Soja (2009, album: Born in Babylon) 

Pop(ulistes) songs with barricade folks 

. The Times they are a changin, Bob Dylan (1964, album: The Times they are a changin) 

. Imagine, John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (1971, album : Imagine)

On vous recommande aussi « Power to the People » sur l’album Shaved Fish (1975)

. Talkin’ bout A Revolution, Tracy Chapman (1988, album: Tracy Chapman) 

. They don’t care about us, Michael Jackson (1995, album : HIStory) 

. Care About us, Xriss Jor (2005)

. I wish a punk rocker with flowers, Sandi Thom (2005, album: I wish I was a punk rocker)